RASS Technology

RASS Technology known as an enginnering company which only focus on high quality and precision for all of projects.

Under the title of Industrial Machine design and Manufacturing Process, we provides finished products in the direction of customer expectations. Moreover, we give technical documnents that include ‘’Design of Machine, Electrical Drawing and Software’’ as well as finished machine.

Title of Special Mechanism Designs is become one of the expert areas in recent years. We only focus on patentability projects in this sector. We have interested in type of R&D projects, instead of ‘’Basic type projects’’ or ‘’Copy and paste projects’’

Although, 3D printing method has become a common way in recent years, we provide machining process for your plastic prototypes. In this way, we can give a prototype like a finished product.

  • Industrial Machine Designs and Manufacturing Process
  • Special Mechanism Designs and Prototypes
  • Prodaction of 3D Plastic Prototype

Rass Technology

Founded in 2015, Rass Technology is a new company in terms of the history of the establishment, but it has provided many engineering projects in a short time. Especially Rass Technology has a perspective that gives an importance quality, always stay by near to it’s customers to give more techincal support.

Process of project in Rass Technology includes design, strength calculations, computer aided simulations, prototype production and after-sales service. Hence, we can offer our projects with desired quality standards at the beigining of projecting process.

Rass Technology works with great dedication to get patent for every project that has its signature under and it continually carries out its process with its project partners.

Vision: Our company plans to come to near future is to be among the well known companies in the world, with many industrial machinery projects, automation projects and many patented mechanism designs.

Mission: We are a company established to create the engineering infrastructure of many of the prod- ucts in our country that are produced or desired to be produced.

We are working on industrial machine projects which are R & D qualities and production of these projects. Our company is an engineering firm and it is working on this field. And besides that, the work undertaken assumes all responsibility for the passion of life.
Our company, which has patented projects for special mechanism designs, designs projects in different fields by the leading firms in the sector. We offer industrial support as well as engineering work and prototyping work for industrial products.
Instead of the 3D printing method, we carry out the prototype production of machining logic and offer design support in this regard. Our company, which has the ability to process Delrin materials in ABS, PP, offers the possibility to produce in the desired color tone.

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